Please take a moment to go over these items and make sure that you have them ready. The basic WITP AE directory will take a little over 2GB of disk space once WITP AE is installed, this includes Windows stuff. It's very lite! Compare that to a full Windows install in a virtual machine... Currently, we know the game works fine on Mac OSX Yosemite, 10.10.5. It is believed to work fine on El Capitan as well. 

#1. Download the wrapper file from .  Please keep all folder and filenames and do not rename things as it will break the install. The install directions assume that the names stay the same for ease of installation. The WITP AE Folder must be moved as is and the folder name “WITP AE” retained. 

In the WITP AE folder you will download, you will find the following files and folders:

C Drive – This is a folder containing what would be the Windows C drive were you running on a real Windows machine.
Configure Wine – This program will allow you to change options of the WITP AE game. Other than following the instructions in this document, not recommended to use unless you read the documentation on Wineskin and understand what you are doing.
Saved Games – Click on this to go to the WITP AE saved game folder, used for PBEM games. You can copy files to here or from here for PBEM games. Won't work until WITP AE installed.
WarInThePacificAE – Runs the game (won't work until installed). This is the way to run the app if you want to specify window size and other startup options.
WITP Main Menu – Runs the game main menu (won't work until installed), where you can run upgrades, visit the forums, etc.
WITP Tracker -- Runs WITP Tracker program (won't work until installed) which has separate install instructions. This is only needed if you wish to use that add-on tool.

#2.  Get your game files and game serial handy. You're going to need those.

Ready ? Now Lets Begin


Step 1. In the Mac finder, go to where you downloaded the wrapper folder is ( the file you downloaded from . You will either have a  “WITP” file, or, a “WITP AE” folder depending on your browser. If you have a zip file, then, double click it which will extract the contents. You will end up with a folder named “WITP AE”. 

Step 2. Navigate to your “WITP AE” folder in the Finder and double click on it to enter it. 

Step 3. Right click on “WarInThePacificAE” and left click on “Show Package Contents”. Right click “Wineskin”, and left click Open on the popup menu. You may get a warning asking you if you want to open the application, click Open. This is the “Wineskin”app you are running which allows you to configure the Windows environment.

Step 4. You will now need your official War in the Pacific AE installer for this step, as well as your serial number. Click "Install Software". Click "Choose Setup Executable", and, select the WITP AE installer from your game disk or downloaded copy (the installer Windows .exe file). Follow the normal procedure and prompts for installing the game as you would on Windows. Please note you can copy and paste into the installer, copy from a Mac program like always, and paste in the Windows installer with ctrl-v, the normal Windows key to paste. Accept all the defaults for the installation. When the installer is done, click Finish. You may find some Windows shortcuts on your Mac desktop, you should delete these as they are not meant for the Mac. 

Step 5. You should still be in the Wineskin program after the installation is complete, you need to select the executable program that will run when you run the Mac app. You should be on a screen which asks you to select the executable. Use the drop down menu and select “War in the Pacific Admiral Edition.exe" and click ok. Now it goes back to the Wineskin program. Click "Advanced".

OPTIONAL: If you like to set some game running options and flags, we can now do this. Following generally work for most people :  -w -deepColor -dd_def -skipVideo -dd_sw.  Please note that you put these into the EXE Flags box. See the WITP AE documentation for the meanings of these flags.

You can also add the resolution options here ; -px1920 -py1080 ... Please note that this is something that most people find the best for themselves. We advise that you input the values for the screen resolution you are currently using for your mac desktop here. You may also check out the listed screen resolutions at the wikipedia for reference. I have found that using resolutions your Mac does not natively understand causes a default size screen. to find your potential resolutions, bring up System Preferences, then Displays, then temporarily change the display setting from Default to Scaled. This will show you the possible resolutions that should give you the best chances of working in WITP AE. Set the setting back to default if it was there before. 

Step 6Select the Tools tab near the top of the Wineskin program window, we will be creating a handy shortcut for future use. Pretty near the center of the Window, you will find a button labelled “Custom EXE Creator”, click on that. 

In the name to use, please type exactly this name (or copy and paste it): WITP Main Menu. To the right of the Windows EXE box is a browse button, click that. Navigate to  Matrix Games → War in the Pacific Admirals's Edition and double click autorun.exe so we can easily run it in the future. Now, click the large Save button near the bottom right. 

Step 7A window comes up telling you what it did, and, you can click OK. Now, we can exit the Wineskin program by either clicking the window close box, or, quit from the Wineskin menu.

Step 8Now, back in the Finder right click on “WITP Main Menu” and click left click open to run the program. This will bring up the WITP AE main menu, where you should update the program just as you likely did on Windows, click "Check for Update" and follow the prompts. While the update is running, you should close the main menu you ran the update from as it will be busy otherwise and not able to update (this is the Window behind the updating Window, just click the X). If you miss the X and it starts moving the window and you cannot possibly hit the X anymore, then, the only way to quit it that I can find is to quit from the Mac Dock. The program will update and say the update program itself could not be re-updated and will update the next time it is run, I suppose that's normal. It says to click retry or cancel, click cancel to install it on reboot.

Step 9If you were previously running the game and had existing games in progress, you can copy over the saved game folder from your Windows machine or virtual machine to the Saved Games folder under the WITP AE folder. If you were running tracker, you can copy those files as well to the appropriate directory, after installing tracker per the instructions on this website.

Once the update is done, the game is installed! Simply double click in the WITP AE folder "WarInThePacificAE", or, the other options as needed. The very first time (only) you run the game, you must right click "WarInThePacificAE" and left click open to get by the Mac GateKeeper security. 

In order to run multiple games, you can use the slots for saved games as in normal WITP AE. However, for flexibility, it may be wise to use a different method and keep a game folder for each game. This is up to you. This has the advantages of playing with different mods, WITP AE versions. In PBEM games, you need to have the same versions, and, if you are playing several, it all has to be coordinated, unless, you keep multiple copies. To do this, you should use the WITP AE folder as your base install, the one you just created, no games played in it. Be sure and install other add-ons first though if you want them in all games you will play, such a WITP AE Tracker. Now, you simply duplicate that folder, and, put it underneath some folder, perhaps the name of the game. For a second game, you duplicate the WITP AE folder again, and, put the duplicate under some other named folder. Be sure and rename the duplicated folder after you move it, the name must remain "WITP AE". So, as an example, your folder structure might be "War in the Pacific" as the top level under Documents. Underneath that, you might have a folder for your first game, maybe call it the name of the opponent. You might have another folder called the name of your second opponent. Finally, you might have your virgin copy of the installed game in a folder named "Clean Game". Underneath each of those 3 folders, would be a complete WITP AE folder. So, you have 2 game folders, and, one original clean game folder. This structure might look like this:

War in the Pacific
Clean Game
Opponent 2

I use this method, it does use more disk space since there is a full copy of the game in each WITP AE folder, however, version management, mods, etc. becomes simpler when playing PBEM games. And, you never have to worry about picking the wrong slot and overlaying some game, etc. Just remember, leave Clean Game alone. If you get an Opponent 3, in the finder, select Clean Game and duplicate it, then, rename the duplicate to some meaningful name. That's it!