Step 1 - Download WITP Tracker. WITP Tracker can be downloaded from the Tracker author website found at and you can read the directions if you wish, and you will likely need to, but, the download is on the bottom. Unfortunately, it seems that download link does not work (at least for me!) Maybe they will fix it. If it does not work for you, they list an alternate download from so get it from there.
Step 2 - In the Finder, navigate to your WITP AE folder and enter it. Double click "Configure Wine". Now, click on "Install Software". Next, click on "Copy a Folder Inside". You will need to use the file picker to locate the tracker folder you downloaded, likely named "WitPTracker AE Release 1", typically, in your downloads folder. Left click it once to select it, and, click Choose. You will end up back in Wineskin, leave this running.
Step 3 - Please download Windows java (needed for WITP AE Tracker) from here: and download the file namedjre-6u45-windows-i586.exe”, DO NOT download any other version. Make sure you first click the radio button above it called "Accept License Agreement". 
Step 4 - Once downloaded, go back to Wineskin and again select "Install Software". This time, we will select "Choose Setup Executable". Navigate to where you downloaded java, and, select the file
jdk-6u45-windows-i586.exe by left clicking once, and, click Choose. The Windows java installer then runs. Accept all defaults, and install it. You will end up back in Wineskin again once it is completed. 

Step 5 - Now we need to create the wrapper to allow us to run Tracker. Select Advanced within Wineskin. Tools, then Custom EXE Creator. For the "Name to use" box, enter exactly other than the quotes "WITPAE Tracker".  Click Browse to the right of the Windows EXE box, and, navigate to Program Files -> WitPTracker Release 1 -> WitPTracker.bat and double click it. Now click Save. You can exit Wineskin now by clicking the close box or the menu option to Quit. 

Step 5 - At this point, you need to follow the directions for configuring and learning WITP Tracker found at  You can get to the directory via the C Drive folder in your WITP AE folder. All files you need to configure are in Program Files -> WitPTracker Release 1. 
Step 6 - In order to run tracker, simply double click “WITPAE Tracker” link in your WITP AE folder. You should see any error messages from configuration in a window. Please read the doc on the WITP Tracker site for how to use.
You are done!